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Prayers for November 22, 2020

We pray for your healing grace on this country, for all new and returning elected officials and their staff, for President Trump and President-Elect Biden, and for a new era of compassion and zeal for justice.  Please bless all teachers and students, those who are in danger by virtue of their labor, all who march in peaceful protest, and all who are struggling with wildfires and the aftermath of storms, earthquakes and flooding.  We pray for God’s healing grace for The Rev. Canon Claudia Wilson, Anthony Giannone Sr. and Jeanmarie, Aida Carino, Carol Craft, Karen Marchewka, Linda Brown, Henry McNamee, Bob Walters, Ruby Dixon, Elyse Gierlich, Phyllis Jackson, Carol Shoemaker, Karen Edmonson, Lara Pilla, Judith Shorrocks, Catherine Corry, John Farrell, Barbara Somers, Marie Baptiste, Anna Walters, Joan Smith, Carmen Hanchard, Jacob Blake, Melinda Rosas, Connie Tracey, Tom O’Connor, Lois Torkelsen, Ed Polochick, Felice Holmann, Thomas Neale, John Gore, Donna Coyne, Benay Cooper, Linda Barta, Val DeBride, Carla Jean DeBride, Shelly Henderson, Naomi Henderson, Shaadira Smith, Felix Benzan, Kelly Chadwick, Mary Sullivan, Stevan Cavalier, Al DeFeo, Deacon Luis Rivera, Bill Randolph, Claudette Buffalo, Melvyn Davis, Candra Davis, Wendy and Corey Maxwell, and Floyd Davis. We pray for Anthony Johnson, a Postulant for diaconal ordination, for all who have lost their jobs and all who are struggling to pay rent and other expenses, for the Scavenging Workers’ Children in India, for all who have been treated less than justly due to the color of their skin, and for changing hearts surrounding issues of racism in America.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, we thank you, Lord, for all the blessings of this life including family and friends near and far, those who celebrate their birthdays including Giselda Nascimento, all who are members of Saint John’s Church and all who listen to our weekly audio and on-line offerings, for this neighborhood of Getty Square, The Sharing Community and Westhab, The Salvation Army, YWCA and the YMCA, the Yonkers Fire and Police Departments, all teachers and students, for Saint John's Riverside Hospital, Saint Joseph's Medical Center, for all hospitals, nursing homes and group homes, and for all who work to help others. We also thank our military forces and all of our veterans who protect and have protected those liberties that we hold so dear.

We pray for all who have died that they may have a place in your eternal kingdom, including John Gambicki, all soldiers who have died defending our country, those who have died from illness and natural disasters including wildfires, storms, earthquakes and flooding, and for the more than 253,000 Americans who have died from COVID-19. We also lament those who have died over the centuries including indigenous peoples, due to slavery, lynching, racism and the unequal and unjust treatment of peoples in this country.