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Parishioner thoughts on giving.

"I am inspired to give when I see how deeply parishioners treasure this faith community, and give of themselves so unselfishly as volunteers and leaders."

“In a nutshell…for the joy of giving.  Giving comes in many forms .  The weekly envelope that is put on the plate reminds me that I have a pledge to fulfill to help this wonderful church continue to survive and to fulfill its mission in Getty Square.  This, however, is only a small part of “giving” to St. John’s.   Giving takes many forms.  Volunteering as a reader and a greeter means so much.  You help to deliver the word of God and you have the opportunity to connect with your fellow parishioners.  Contributing food to the Sunday Coffee Hour provides that wonderful joy of sharing with others.  Giving of a lifetime of experience allows me to hopefully make a meaningful contribution to the running of St. John’s.”

“I give to St. John’s because it is my spiritual home.  I am thankful for all of the blessings that the Lord has bestowed on me, and I am ‘paying it forward.’  When I support St. John’s by volunteering and pledging, it enables others to find the sustenance and nurturance here, like I do.”

As we step out in faith, we ask you to consider making a financial gift to Saint John’s Church. Your gift express hope in Saint John’s future as the body of Christ.  Thank you for your gift.